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How to go on the Deep Web for Noobs

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You will need at least a 4gb flash drive specifically for Tails you will lose all data on the drive and unless reformatted will be specifically for Tails. The preferable method would require 2 flash drives but can be done with 1. 1. Download a new copy of Tails https://tails.boum.org/. Follow the instructions on the Tails site for how to install Tails on a flash drive ( https://tails.boum.org/getting_started/index.en.html ) . 2. (This step can be skipped if you do not want to make 100% sure you are browsing anon) After completing installation go to your normal operating system and open your normal browser, go to google and type "what is my ip" and write down the ip it shows. 3. Now reboot your system to Tails, after a few moments (give or take) you will be presented with a prompt asking "live" or "live (fail safe)" loggin choose "live". 4. After a minute or 2 you will be presented with he next prompt, which is "Welcome to Tails" with the options of "More Options" yes or no and "login". If this is your first time or you are planing on using Tails in amnesia mode click "yes" under more options then click forward. This will bring up a option screen, all you will to be concerned about is password, use a STRONG password as this will be used to access your computers harddrive ect. Best is at least 16 characters including uppercase, lowercase, numbers, AND symbols, and best to be random not a word. Now for new users it will probably be best for you to click 'Windows 8 camouflage" now click "login". 5. After Tails boots you will get a notification saying "synchronizing system clock" and then one saying "Tor is ready", now click the windows type logo in the bottom left hand corner and go to "internet" and then click "Tor browser". 6. After Tor pulls up click the little green onion on the left side of the search bar, click "Privacy and security settings". Now make sure the for check boxs are checked (I have heard only the top 2 need to be checked but safer is best in this situation), Now move the slide bar up to at least "Medium-High" this will make sure your Java and media scripts are disabled, you can use "High" if you wish. 7. Now go to google on tor and once again type "what is my ip" normally this will give you a page with captcha but look beneath it and you will find the ip you are now using. Make sure this is different from the one you wrote down from your normal operating system. If it is you are good to go. 8. When you are done click the power symbol in the tray on the lower right side and select either "Reboot now" or "Shut down now" and wait, make sure a black screen has come up and the last thing you should see is new kernel started and you are good.
Now some advice for browsing the deep web. Assuming you are a decent individual and not looking for cp you will want to avoid any site that is listed as "cp", "cheese pizza", gore, torture ect. you can probably figure these out pretty easy on link pages. Now some links on these pages are clearly marked so you can avoid them others have no description or titles these may or may not be undesirable sites so proceed with caution. There are also some only marked by a title with no description, most you will be able to figure out on your own but do NOT visit any that say "Twitter" from my understanding this is not at all like the clear web twitter, also avoid in my opinion any that sound child like or amusement park themed other than possibly "wonderland" sites these seem to be dealing with aliens and/or area 51 (just the ones I have seen after realizing what "wonderland" probably meant can't promise they are all that way though) if you do not know SOME "chan" sites on the deep web do also allow cp so you will want to avoid those. If you do run across a cp site please go to this link http://54ogum7gwxhtgiya.onion/blog/index.php/tor-against-cp/ it will help you anonymously report the site.
Rules for staying safe on the Deep Web. 1 Do not give out personal info like your real name, address, location, phone number, actual ip ect. 2 Do NOT use your common screenname come up with a new one you only use on the deep web same goes for passwords. You would be surprised how easy it is to find someone using their common screen name and get personal info easily. 3 Do not download anything unless you really know what you are doing, Tails being based on linux is generally safe but no promises to those who aren't experienced. 4. Unless you know for sure assume all sales sites are scams, any real one will use a known escrow system, I will not go any further into this but there have been links posted on here for "verified" escrows. 5. Do Not use your own accounts like facebook, twitter, reddit, youtube, ect. while using Tor. (I almost for got this and had to edit it, and it's one of the biggest things NOt to do lol)
Now for the goodies aka link pages and search engines. http://securityzap.com/massive-deep-web-links-2015-updated-june-2015/#sthash.SoD6BtvO.dpbs Massive .onion links dumb
These should get you on your way and of course people are always posting interesting links on here. Finale note do NOT try and surf the deep web on android or iphone ect, they are NOT safe nor secure there are many posts about this out there. Now go enjoy the endless wonder that is the deep web just be sure and stay anon and avoid the sick shit.
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